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Spanning from the release of “To The Moon” (2010) to current day Mighty High Coup has been a whirlwind of ground-breaking albums, banging singles, and eye-catching videos. That freshman project presented Mighty High Coup’s hit “The 808 Track”, which was famously re-mixed by Bassnectar (and that remix was featured in AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad, Episode “Bullet Points”). “Boom Rap” (2011) was MHC’s second complete album, and that bass-heavy masterpiece cemented them in Atlanta’s party scene and introduced one of their signature performance attractions, The Boom Girls. Next of note is their single “On It” which was not only a collaboration with dubstep legend Caspa but also aired on BBC radio, boasts video production from Motion Family and has been re-mixed countless times. From those beginnings to current day Mighty High Coup has released tons of singles and videos, a third album (Dark Side of the Boom, 2012) and has continually built their fan base by making everyone they encounter feel like they’re part of the party through their music.

The three artists came together while each one was already deeply involved in music; Mr. SOS with history rooted in true school hip hop as a former member of Cunninlynguists, and both A-Bomb and Ricky Raw had released solo projects with producer Wes Green (“Bomb Is” and “The Green Album”, respectively) and were deep in the Atlanta club scene performing, hosting, and promoting shows. The three teamed up to create Mighty High Coup and have continued to work closely with Wes Green through multiple projects, along with an impressive roster of badass trap/EDM producers such as Bro Safari, DJ Klever, Kicks n Licks and most recently Caspa, Oiki, Statik Link and DJ Moptop.

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